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Entrepreneur, Management Consultant

Christian is principal of The Rask Group, providing clients expertise in start-ups, business management, sales & marketing, consulting, headhunting and recruiting, particularly in technology & Internet start-ups and the emerging technologies industries.

Over the past 25 years, he has focused upon starting and building businesses via management, sales,  marketing, consulting and recruiting within the information technology, Internet, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, communications and advertising & marketing industries.

Christian attended University of Wisconsin-Stout for Psychology and Century College for Business Management & Marketing.

He is the recipient of numerous top sales and performance awards and has been a member of The Internet Society, ExecuNet, Illinois Technology Association, Silicon Vikings, Top Executives Network, Silicon Valley Ventures, Worldwide Management Consultants, Strategic Planning Society and Society for Human Resource Management.

Christian lives in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, surrounded by family and friends.  He has volunteered as a firefighter; he was also the first snowboard instructor in the central US, founding 3 snowboarding schools and co-authored the original PSIA (later SSIA) US Snowboard Instructor’s Manual and curriculum.

In his spare time, Christian winds down by traveling the country on his Harley-Davidson and blogging and writing poetry and philosophy, as well as time in the workshop tinkering, inventing and building/restoring wooden boats.



Registered Nurse, BSN

Nanette currently is employed in the Operating Room and has experience in Perioperative and Maternal/Child health. Nanette graduated cum laude from Eastern Mennonite University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Science for Nursing. In the past, Nanette served as an Air Traffic Controller in the U.S. Army and as a police dispatcher for her local community in Bellingham, WA.

Nanette has been a member of the HSV community for over four years and wants to do what she can to help others from going through the same experience she did when she was diagnosed. Two years ago, Nanette started a tiny group for friends that has grown into a networking and social support group for thousands of people seeking support and fellowship. The private group currently has over 3300 members and networks with over 140 spinoff support and special interest groups, as well as the more veteran community that has been in place for more than a decade. She has learned so much, but questions why more wasn’t being done to get consistent medical information and support network information to newly diagnosed people. Fighting the stigma from within the HSV community is also high on her priority list.

She currently resides in VA near the DC Metro area. When not working, Nanette spends the majority of her free time traveling and enjoying time with her two grown children.


Earl Kelly

Treasurer, Director of Finance

Earl currently owns an accounting and tax practice in the Richmond VA area. His volunteer efforts focus in the areas of non-profit management, youth and education.

  • Tommy

    How come none of the people on the board are identified as or actually have the Herpes Virus. It seems to me that some that has this bull$hit would be a much better represenitive of the community as a whole. People with HIV/AIDS are held up and seen as victims while the rest of us suffer silently the physical and mental effects of this virus. I would like to see someone appointed that is ready to admit or stand up for others who truly knows the pain, embarassment, and social stigma of this virus. Hell I’ll do it.

  • Admin

    We appreciate your passion, Tommy. We are standing up and welcome you to join us! Sorry if there was some misunderstanding, but there isn’t a single member who isn’t affected by HSV, which our profiles and actions indicate.

    It doesn’t truly matter who and who does not have HSV or any other Socially-Transmitted Viruses; they’re an issue for ALL of society. The problem is that while most adults have HSV – 50% by their 30’s and up to 90% by their 60’s – the public at large is incredibly unaware, uneducated and untested; much of our mission is focused upon changing that.

    You’re welcome to stand up with us at the Walk for H. We’ll be holding one in Washington DC on 3/16 in conjunction with the Rock N’ Roll Marathon and will follow up with similar events in other US cities this summer and into autumn. If you cannot make it to an event, we’d appreciate your support in our efforts in other ways.

  • Kelly Border

    Tommy, I have Herpes. My friends and family know and about 3,000 or 4,000 others. I hope we can make a difference very soon so you no longer feel like you have to be silent or suffer. I’d love to refer you to some regional groups where you can socialize and get support. You are not alone.

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