Herpes Hell

On January 11, 2013, in H Stories, by Admin

I contracted herpes (HSV-1) about 14 years ago. It has been complete hell for me ever since.  I had a hell of a time getting a doctor to test it.  I was told it was type 2 upon a “visual” inspection and given acyclovir.  Later, when the meds didn’t work, I asked to have it swabbed but was refused.  I ended up paying for a test online and going to a lab to have the blood work done and it came back as HSV-1.

It didn’t really matter – the treatment is the same – but at least I finally knew it was a form of herpes.  Ever since,  I have suffered constant burning and tingling all over my face. I can no longer shave without aggravating it more. Too much sun, exercise, or stress and it flares up. I also suffer from constant head aches that often start with the burning sensations.

For most people, HSV doesn’t even show symptoms, but for some of use, it’s horrible.  This disease has really changed my life as I felt I could no longer date and I stayed away from any physical activities for fear of a massive out break which only caused me to gain weight and get even more depressed.

Today I am a bit better and married, which I never thought would happen. I don’t get the blisters as often as I did before, but I do get them at least monthly.  The all-over tingling never goes away and drives me nuts. Its like the virus doesn’t want to go sleep in the nerve ganglia like it is supposed to.  I still have no clue why the medications don’t work and I spend a lot of money on vitamins, herbs, snake oil, and anything I can test to see if it helps.

Sadly, I haven’t really found anything worth talking about. I have learned that there are many more like me – hypersymptomatic – and we are all suffering and worrying about what this virus will do to us later in life;  beyond the known increase in the risk of acquiring HIV, a connection has been identified with Alzheimer’s.  We worry about spreading it to others and turning their lives into Hell.  We don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get better treatments or why the FDA wont fast track these treatments for such a horrible disease.

I don’t know if this helps anyone but that’s my story.

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