You probably don’t know when you got Herpes or HPV

One thing we’d like to remind everyone of is that for the most part, none of us has any idea how long we’ve had HSV; we only know when we actually discovered it… and made some gross (and often rather faulty) assumptions about having acquired it around that time frame.  However, that’s not always true.  Not even close.

Over 80% of people go their entire lives without discovering their HSV and many people often go for some years, even decades and don’t discover it until they are under some form of severe stress, whether mental, emotional or physical. That could be an illness; working too hard; a breakup; a divorce; a car accident; anything, really. Every type of stress taxes the immune system and if/when it gets to be too much, the immune system can’t keep up and out comes the H.

Not saying that’s true in your case, but it’s something everyone should always keep in mind. I’m always saddened to hear that someone has thrown away an otherwise good relationship because they themselves had bad information. We’ve actually seen people get divorced over H with no idea when they truly acquired it and without even testing to find out whether or not their spouse actually HAD it. That’s just tragic.

As for HPV, more recent research is indicating that women have a strangely high tendency to acquire the exact same type of HPV – not just virus type, but an exact DNA match – later on in life that they acquired in their teens. That’s pretty much impossible, unless you harbored it all along.

So although not fully confirmed yet, even HPV might actually turn out to be something that remains within us for life – and may or may not recur – we’re just able to suppress it for decades in between, if not forever.  All indications are that it wouldn’t be contagious while it was suppressed, though.

So what we’re saying is, you may think you know, but you don’t actually know… yanno?


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