Leave them behind at your doctor's office and keep a few with you to hand out as when opportunity presents itself.

Leave them behind at your doctor’s office and keep a few with In order ohelpyou to hand out as when opportunity presents itself.

In order to help people with HSV & HPV most efficiently and effectively, it is critical that we are able to connect with them as soon as possible upon diagnosis.  Those golden hours and days after diagnosis are certainly the darkest of all.  This is when they need us most.

In order to facilitate this connection, we need your help.

  • Ask your clinic/physician if you may leave some for future patients so that nobody ever feels alone.
  • Tack them up on coffee shops other community bulletin boards.
  • Wherever you can think of that someone might see them.

You can assure anyone that ProjectAccept.org is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and that we do have consulting physicians and researchers on staff.  We strive to ensure that any information people receive from ProjectAccept.org is the most current, accurate and reliable available anywhere.

If you can reach even a few people, all will have been worthwhile… and if you do this work with us, you’ll reach – and help – a lot more than that.  Hundreds, if not thousands!

This is a discreet, business card sized outreach card for ProjectAccept.org as a contact.  This is something you can print out yourself or send the template to Office Depot, Kino’s, etc and let them do it for you. It is intended to be a 2-sided (front and back) card.


Download Yours!

File Types:

Microsoft Publisher File (click to download)

You can set the template to business card templates you buy at the store (i.e. Avery), or there is an Office Depot template option in which you can email a print request to them.

.PDF File (click to download)

You can print at home on card stock and cut, email, or leave a full-page black and white copy with the clinics you reach out to copy.


Some volunteers prefer to add card cases/holders for a more professional look.  Card Cues has these available online.  We’re working on getting some custom-printed with our log and card re-order information.  Until then, please feel free to use whichever you like.

Order CardCues Here (click to order) 


Special thanks to our volunteer Erika for her card design… and to you and all our wonderful volunteers who help to ensure that we raise awareness and that no one will ever have to walk alone!

– The ProjectAccept.org Team


***Note: depending upon your device type (cell phone), some files may not be accessible.  However, they will from a desktop or laptop


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