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In order to combat the stigma and raise awareness, we need to hear from you!

Share your personal journey stories and help us show the world:

  • How very common socially transmitted viruses truly are
  • How much you’ve learned about your H and others in the process
  • How they affect normal people, with normal sex lives, rather than “promiscuous” people
  • How they truly do affect people’s personal lives, physically/medically and emotionally
  • What we go through from diagnosis to moving on with our lives
  • What we’ve learned about acceptance, humanity, patience, understanding, etc
  • How we can and do gain wisdom and enlightenment in the process and life does get much better
  • How much it would help mankind to eliminate the stigma and search for cures together
Share your story and help us help the world declare checkmate on STDs.

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Share your H Story

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