Staff Expenditures: Walk for H: USA

On April 1, 2013, in Expense Reports, by Admin

Staff Expenditures: Walk for H: USA (Washington, DC. only reimburses staff for the cost of goods and services directly related to the production of the events themselves:  vendor fees, printing, equipment rentals, booth giveaways, etc, which will be published in the official Event Report upon completion (est. 4/15/13).  They are not compensated for their time, or reimbursed for travel, lodging, meals, etc. These personal expenses in pursuit of volunteering are indeed tax-deductible, so we track and report them.

In addition, although volunteer time is neither tax-deductible or reimbursed, it should be tracked.  Every state and territory publishes an official per/hour rate to calculate the cost of time, for organizational management and planning purposes.  Thus, we figure both into our internal reporting, in order to accurately reflect the whole costs associated with our activities.

Why do we track all of this?  So that we know how much things truly cost; who is actually paying for each line item it is a separate matter entirely.  We must constantly make cost projections, both to the corporation and to individuals, in order to determine what is and what is not feasible.

The expenses of the core event staff are reported under Staff Expenses.  However, we also try to have board meetings in conjunction with fundraising & social events, in order to keep costs down for all involved.  Due to this, we often have two events on the same weekend, each with its own accounting.  Documentation of the expenses of any board members who are not physically working directly on the fundraising event will be on charged instead toward the overall “cost” of the board meeting event, rather than the fundraising event itself.  None of the expenses, however, are actually reimbursed; only deducted on taxes.

Our expense reports are not produced in order to get reimbursement; they’re produced in order to get receipts for our own tax accountants.  All reporting processes are dictated and overseen by our CFO.

All reports are updated regularly as receipts and reports come in.


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