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On March 16, 2014, in H Stories, by Admin

I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes back in July of 2011, just before I turned 19 years old. I was crushed, in so much pain and was just heart broken and felt life was over. I was in a serious relationship with a gentlemen and he never knew he had Herpes…simply because symptoms don’t often show up on everybody. Well here it is June of 2013 and I have had herpes for almost 2 years. This honestly just feels like a mental disease because I take my vitamins, stay active and watch what I eat until the point where I barely ever have any outbreaks but I know I have herpes. I have been with an awesome man for over a year and he accepts all of me and I am just truly blessed for everything. Definitely, can’t stress enough to get tested and wrap it because it could’ve been worse. Herpes are tested separately from other STD’s so ASK for the test.

Thanks for reading.

Nicole R.


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