Dr. Ricardo Rosales down at Virolab in Mexico claims to have the cure to HPV, and even cervical cancer.

His company, Virolab, attempted a few years ago to open shop in the US – even going so far as to pop up a shell company in California and file with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to sell stock in the USA.

Apparently, they ran into more than a few snags, as nothing at all seems to ever have come of it.  Their SEC correspondence tells the tale.  In truth, they had no accomplished research, no published proof, no actual product, no patents and not only had they never even spoken to the FDA, they admittedly had absolutely no inkling as to what was involved in the drug approval process, who they were going to get to do it or where to get the money to do it (except selling stock, which the SEC, it runs out didn’t appear too interested in allowing them to do).  They also made a laundry list of claims in regard to foreign licensing, agreements, proof, effectiveness, patents and approval which when questioned by the SEC, they were forced to recant in their reply.

We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the pertinent parts of the correspondence letter between Virolab Inc and the SEC (the good stuff starts on page 3).  We find this letter very telling about their overall incompetency and why they’re now down in Mexico claiming on the Internet to have a treatment/cure, rather than in the US proving they actually have one.  In truth, they don’t technically even have a treatment yet, but they do have 7,000 doses of some untested stuff and in Mexico, it is legal to charge research study participants for participation in research, so they can legally charge you to fly down there and play lab rat, which is what they appear to be doing to unsuspecting Americans, even today.

Highlights Include:

  • No money
  • No license to sell their product anywhere in the world
  • No patents anywhere in the world
  • No proven treatments anywhere in the world
  • No proven cure anywhere in the world
  • No idea how the US drug approval process works
  • No idea who might perform their trials
  • No idea who might manufacture their product

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Download (PDF, 228KB)

Within the year, both the CEO and CFO ran for the exits and left Dr. Rosales alone.  It appears that he retreated back to Mexico and is marketing this leftover stock of unused, unproven Mexican research doses as HPV “cures”.

There is plenty of ongoing, legitimate MEL-1 (a stem cell derivative) research occurring in the US.  There’s no need to race off to any foreign country where people are allowed to claims things which aren’t yet proven and charge you to become subjects of their speculative experimentation.

Dr. Rosales and Virolab are welcome to contact us at anytime in order to discuss/refute anything above.  To do so, click here.

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