Two Angels and a Muggle

On March 28, 2014, in Blog, Race for Awareness, Team H, by RunnerGirl

This week I started researching travel arrangements for the first race in Nashville. As I am donating my own time and monies to attend each event, finding the cheapest deal to get back and forth is imperative. Additionally, it’s the first race. So it’s important to me to take my son as well. He’s been a huge supporter of mine and is constantly reminding me to chase after my passion, what makes me happy.

I learned this week that Nashville is expensive. WOW, who knew? Attempting to get airfare for the both of us and a decent hotel as close to the race site as possible was proving problematic. Sometimes when I’m frustrated I find an outlet via some snarky humor on Facebook. Typically the responses I receive are just as snarky…some laughs are had…and the day moves on.

However, today….today was very different.

Folks started to inquire, asking why I was troubled by the cost. That’s when I told them because the airfare was so expensive I could afford to take myself, but taking my son was out of my budget. Furthermore I didn’t have enough frequent flier miles to get my son’s ticket for free. Here is was the first race and the fear of going without my son was sad for me. It just didn’t feel right not to take him along.

Low and behold two angels came forward. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to come forward and help me out in such a significant way. In mere moments, frequent flier miles were donated to me so I could have enough to fly my son to first race. Once again, shown there are pretty awesome good heart-ed folks out there!

Thank you angels…my son and I will never forget your generosity!

And to my son….thank you for showing my friends the kind of man you are 🙂


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