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On March 16, 2014, in H Stories, by Admin

It was around 1992.  I became in involved in a relationship not knowing really anything about this person. I became involved, and at the time i was couple of years divorce from my former husband trying to move on in life better education and a better life ahead. so one day i hear a knock on my door.  This very attractive young man was at my door.  Now mind you, I had many that did say they would love to marry me one day, so make a long story short i got in a serious relationship with him, but after about a month getting to know him, things changed.  He began to act differently being just dealing with myself and i know things had change for the worse.   So one night he was very mean to me and I asked him what was worry he wouldn’t tell me, so that night came and began to get involved and i saw something different on his penis appear and I asked him what was that thing on his penis was and he said nothing.   So i said you need to wear protection on that he ok and before i know it was a lie he didn’t do and i became with birth of a child and also caught herpes from him so i couldn’t live with myself to bring a child in the world with a std so i had abortion and that was the end of the story he never sad  I am sorry – he just leave me all alone to deal and its 2013 and he know longer on this earth.  I played a part i could have act a little more firm on my behalf and i didn’t so now I am not alone anymore because i want to share my story with people and if we use our mind and think before acting we will be better at making things work in our behalf I pray that I can help someone only if it the one person then i know i made a different in there life thanks and be careful with who you let in your circle .

Y Muhammad


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